During the stock market crash of 1929 J.P. Morgan started construction on the exclusive waterfront oasis which opened to the grandest ball the island had ever seen on July 4th, 1930. The Bar Harbor Club was once a private playground for the town's wealthiest summer residents such as Joseph Pulitzer, John D. Rockefeller Jr., Edward T. Stotesbury and other movers and shakers of the day. Nominated, seconded and scrutinized by the Board of Governors, initiation fee and dues were the easy part of membership. Events at the Club included dances, sporting competitions, games, Sunday buffets, socials, receptions and exhibitions. The lavish costume balls and weekly dances were so popular the best bands from New York and Philadelphia auditioned yearly.

The comfort of his guests was of the utmost importance to J.P. Morgan to the extent that he had a granite breakwater built to save his guest’s sloshing drinks on the yacht (Corsair).

When membership waned in the 1980s the Club closed and sat empty until Ocean Properties purchased it.

Now meticulously restored, the Tudor-styled building is more glamorous than ever, providing a unique seaside venue for meeting and social functions. As well as offering the ultimate in spa, tennis and pool facilities.